The Role Of Jewellery

Jewellery consists of items worn or attached to clothing for decorative or other purposes. The practice of adorning jewellery has been around for ages but has continued to evolve over the years as technology improved. Modern jewellery ranges from simple traditional forms to modern classy pieces. Jewellery is made using a variety of metals such as gold and alumininum. Different types of metals can be turned into jewellery in a variety of ways. For example alumininium plates can be melted down under high temperatures to create aluminium jewellery.

Extra information about aluminium plates

Types of jewellery

There are different classifications of jewellery. The first is based on where the jewellery is worn and the main classifications here are head and hair ornaments, neck, arms, hands, legs and body jewellery. The second classification is what is referred to as special purpose jewellery which has a specific meaning to the person wearing it. Great examples of these are those worn to signify marriage, religious beliefs or inclinations, membership to certain organisations and personal choices such as celibacy.

The third classification is based on the material composition of the jewellery. As such, we have gold, silver, palladium, bronze and beads as the main categories. The fourth category is based on the occasion the jewellery is worn to and includes bridal jewellery, jewellery worn to cultural celebrations, jewellery for sad occasions and so on.

The fifth categorisation is based on the mode of manufacture of the jewellery. Here, we have handmade jewellery or mass produced factory jewellery. The handmade jewellery requires a high level of craftsmanship and it is therefore considered superior to mass produced jewellery.

Why people wear jewellery

Self-expressionIn the modern day, jewellery is mainly worn as a form of self- expression especially among the younger generations. It expresses who you are, activities, individuals or a way of life that you identify with and do not mind being associated with.

Spiritual inclinations

A lot of jewellery is adorned for spiritual reasons and this is driven mainly by the belief that some spiritual symbols can ward off evil spirits, attract love, good luck and wealth as well as help restore health and lost glory. 
CommunicationThere are pieces of jewellery that are still worn to pass a message. For example, wedding and engagement rings are worn to communicate that an individual is taken. This type of jewellery can also be used as a communication of social class and status in a specific society or support towards a worthy cause.

As a store of wealth

Although not very common in the modern society, jewellery is still used as a store of wealth in some communities. This is especially true for jewellery made from precious metals such as gold and silver.